The Polo Tennis and Fitness Club offers state-of-the-art fitness facilities and training to keep you fit and healthy.

The Polo Tennis and Fitness Club’s brand new fitness center has cutting edge fitness equipment suitable for just about any need. From personal training, to aerobics, to free weights, to a relaxing massage… We have everything you need to work hard and be pampered.

Personal Training



Gary has been training at the Polo Club since 2008. He specializes in both sides of the health and fitness equation: nutrition and exercise. He has coached baseball, softball, soccer and basketball in Dripping Springs

Gary is a graduate of the Professional Fitness Trainer Association and holds an NASM certification. Gary was formerly the Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Dripping Springs Volleyball Club and the Advantage Doyle / Roddick Tennis Academy, and most recently the AESA High Performance Team. He also trains youth athletes to reach their sport specific goals and works with seniors on corrective issues. Gary enjoys fishing, playing softball, tennis, golf, playing guitar and anything outdoors.



In order to help client see true results, Gary focuses on five key elements: gaining muscle, increasing flexibility, losing weight, improving core stability and balance, and understanding nutrition.

Gary designs a plan specifically for you that emphasizes correct form while making workouts fun, using various cardio, resistance training, plyometrics, speed and agility, and circuit training.

Private and small group training available.

Tennis specific training also available – this will prepare you for the demands that the sport of tennis places on your body.

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