Fitness tips from Gary – Common Injury Patterns


Common Injury Patterns
By Gary Shelly
Polo Club Certified Personal Trainer, NASM

I would like to address some of the most common injuries clients have. First of all, usually the area that is injured is a result of a breakdown somewhere in the kinetic chain. Knee pain can be caused by ankle and hip dysfunctions. Low back pain is usually caused by weak core stabilizing muscles. Shoulder injuries can be a result of weak rotator cuff and upper back muscles or possibly hip dysfunctions or misaligned feet. And last but not least “tennis elbow” ( and no it’s not a result of your new racket, strings, coach, partner, or grip by the way) more than likely due to dysfunctional shoulders. A healthy, stable and strong shoulder complex should be able to handle the demands of tennis.

It’s critical to address these compensations early and before you begin training or playing tennis. If they are not addressed then you risk further injuring that area, resulting in longer down time. Many people make the mistake of jumping right into an intense training program without addressing these issues. My training always starts with stabilizing the joints first and then progressing to heavier loads and more complex movements.

This is why I use the overhead squat assessment. By observing how a client squats I can see where the imbalances are.
For example: if your knees turn in it usually means hips are tight and glutes are weak….very common.

As always, a complete fitness program is recommended. This includes core, balance, strength, cardio and flexibility exercises.
I am now offering free postural assessments for Polo Club members. This usually takes about 15 minutes but it will give us both good information to address common injury patterns.

Please call or stop by the gym if you have questions.

Gary Shelly