Dear Members,

Welcome 2018 and a Happy New Year to all of our Members that made 2017 into a fantastic tennis year. As the winter is halfway behind us and we are looking into brighter and warmer days so is the tennis and future at the Polo Club. Each day, our pros, staff and the management team working together to improve our product to serve you, our Members. I believe we have succeeded in many aspects on the tennis court as you may read under the Highlight Section below. Our recent Member Survey gave us great feedback and I will give you an update on Club improvements for 2018 in February newsletter. Until then,I am excited seeing everyone back on the courts.


Men’s Highlights 2017

Men’s 3.0 Team captained by Bob Roark won Austin competition for the 6th out of 8 past years to qualify for sectionals were the team finished second.

Men’s Team won the Austin Tournament of Champions for the second time in four years and will represent Austin at the Men’s State Team Championship in Houston January 12-14, 2018. The team roster is two players from 3.0,3.5, 4.0 and 4.5. Club members are Greg Vannostran, Derek Jaekle, Matt Mowen, Sam Vasquez, Donny Rogers, Hector Bonilla, Dusty Duke and David Bateman

Ladies Highlights 2017
Team result highlights: One of our 3.0 teams, captained by Renee Gulliet qualified for sectionals during spring season of 2017. First time our 3.0 team went to sectionals.

Player Highlights: Kathy Noble and Roxane Cossette, both singles players, went undefeated for the whole spring season on our 3.0 USTA team. They were a critical part of our team qualifying for sectionals. As a result, they both moved up to 3.5 ranking at the end of 2017

For 2018 Polo Club will have:
5 WTTA teams, including flights 1, 4, 5, 6 and flight 7
4 USTA teams including 4.0 team, two 3.0 teams and one 2.5 team

NO Pets allowed in the gym.
NO Kids under the age of 16 allowed in the gym without an adult.
ALL guest must be checked in at the front desk before entering the gym.

DR. TODD WHIPPLE: has been here at the club for over 6 years now, and is pleased to announce he is out here full time! His new business name is Whipple Sports and Wellness. Please text or call 512-350-8633 to schedule an appointment.
SURVEY MONKEY: Thank you to all the members that took the time to fill out the survey. We really appreciate all the feedback we received. We received some great feedback on what we do well and what we need to improve. We will definitely work hard on addressing the concerns.

MIXER at POLO: January 20th, 1-4 pm. See details below.

LADIES LEAGUES: Matches will start up next week. Please be sure to reserve a court if coming out to play for fun.

COURT RESERVATIONS: Please reserve a court if planning on coming out to play. With the ladies leagues starting back up court availability is limited during certain times.

Publik Tennis is hosting a Doubles Mixer extravaganza here at POLO Tennis Club.

WHEN: January 20, 2018
WHERE: Polo Tennis Club

This will be COMPLIMENTARY to all POLO members. So if you are wanting to mix it up a bit and meet/play with some different players this is your chance.

Australian open will be on the big screen and
Beer and Food will be included.

Ross Krachey with Publik Tennis will be organizing this event.

Must RSVP by January 18th.

Email or call the club to sign up or 512-829-4340


January 13 & 27 Future Stars (11am start)

Junior Academy Highlights

  • 49 players participated in 10s & under Junior Team Tennis in Orange Ball, Green Ball & Yellow Ball divisions
  • Polo 14s & under Junior Team Tennis team finished 3rd in the State Spring Tournament. Club Members were: Charlie McAden, Ashley Cruz-Moores, Nathan Pearson & Mikah Liu
  • Four players qualified for Championship Level: Henry Lovelace, Nathan Pearson, Tucker Taylor & Sami Rebeiz
  • Lilly Perkins, Stephanie Gearing, Michael Gearing and Oliver Eriksson were selected to participate in USTA 10s & under development camps


Notes from Gary Shelly, Polo Club Trainer

Greetings members, I hope you all had a great Holiday season! I’m looking forward to another great year too!

I want to address two of the most common questions I get this time of year…every year!

1: What is the best diet?
I always, always respond with the same old boring answer: keep it clean, whole and fresh. If your goal is to lose weight, find a plan that is fewer calories then you are burning. Stay away from processed foods. Limit carbs. Eliminate or reduce alcohol consumption. I know this isn’t what a lot of people want to hear but I’ve seen it work over and over. It’s simple. It’s free.
I get the most satisfaction when clients/people research health plans on their own and find what works for them. This way they own it. They also learn a lot about themselves. You don’t need to spend a lot of money. Just spend some time researching, preparing, shopping, and cooking. I have tons of helpful info and tips to give you.

2: What do you think of that device or this app?
My opinion on both is the same. If it helps motivate you to start and continue your path…great.
But if it’s just another toy to brag to your friends about, or to show how high tech you are, then don’t waste your money. A lot of these gadgets are just like the treadmill that sits in your spare room with an inch of dust on it. Or the bike that’s been hanging in your garage for three years. It’s only good if you use it. I’m guilty too, as I write this I’m looking at a pedometer and a heart rate monitor that I have never used! Just remember you still have to do the work! We need to wrap our heads around the fact that we have to exercise for the rest of our life. Period.

One more thing:
I just received my Postural Alignment Specialist certification from The Egoscue University! I’m really excited to incorporate postural therapy into my current training business.

What is it?
Postural therapy is getting the body back into its original functional position. We start by assessing the body, by observing the load joints, dysfunctions and compensations, and gait analysis. Once we determine what is out of alignment we develop a program to re-educate the body on the correct position it needs to be in. Most people don’t realize what joints are out of alignment and the problems that can result from it.
Call me for a free postural evaluation!

See you at the Club (or on the courts!)
Gary Shelly


A big thanks to our Sponsors. If your company is interested in marketing your company on our courts, please contact Anders for more information. or 512-829-4340

Pilates classes will be offered on Wednesday’s from 10:30-11:30 upstairs in the Fitness Studio with Denise Evans
Class price: $15
Members and non members welcome
Starting first week of May
To sign up contact us at 512-829-4340



Are you aware that we have one of the top Masseuse in Austin here at the Polo Club? She specializes in deep massage therapy and sports injuries healing. Her name is Terra Bourguinon.

To have an incredible experience, please use this special coupon for a $10.00 discount for your first massage. Try it!! You will like it!! To make an appointment contact Terra on her cell: 208-585-8742.