Note From Dinka – Women’s Tennis

By June 2, 2016Women's Tennis

Note From Dinka: Women’s Tennis

Our WTTA and USTA season have finally come to an end, and what an amazing season has it been for our teams. We had 2 WTTA teams that have moved up a flight and our 3.5 USTA team has once again won their league. Our special mention certainly goes to both of our Flight 3 WTTA teams, captained by Loretta Charlton and Wendy Havorka. They finished first and second in their flight, which means they will both be moving to flight 2 next season. Its important to mention that this was their first season on flight 3 which makes it even bigger accomplishment. Flight 2 will be great challenge to our teams and I have no doubt we will be ready.

Great job ladies, we are very proud of the hard work, dedication and commitment you have all put in this season to accomplish your goals. Our flight 7 team ended up finishing in 3rd place, only couple of points away from being first and moving up to flight 6. It was incredibly close, but unfortunately few points kept us from moving up. Regardless, this was the best season our flight 7 has had, so great job to our captain Roxane Cosette and our team for having a great year.

Our 3.5 USTA team was pretty dominant once again this season. They won their division pretty easily with only one loss that came towards the end. Congratulation to their captain Joyce Porter for another incredibly successful season. Keep up the great work ladies. As our seasons have come to an end, we are looking forward to our summer programs and getting our ladies prepared for upcoming fall season. We will have 3.0 and 3.5 summer USTA teams to keep our ladies competitive, as well as our second Polo Club’s ladies league that will begin on May 18th. . Looking forward to seeing everyone back on the courts!