Team Switzerland
W 2.5 Tammi Hill
W 3.0 Kristi Greene & Monica Rogers
W 4.0 Anne Leibow
M 4.0 Donny Rogers
MX 7.0 Monica & Donny Rogers
MX 7.0 Julie & Aleks Szymanski
P/C Erika & Charlotte Jones
M 3.5 Ellis Smith & Mike O’Connor
Pro/Am Greg Vannostran & Lynn Kiro

Individual Champions
Women’s 2.5 Singles: Tammi Hill
Women’s 3.0 Doubles: Kristi Greene & Monica Rogers
Women’s 4.0 Singles: Kathy Noble
Men’s 4.0 Singles: Donny Rogers
Men’s 3.5 Doubles: Ed Perrey & Paul Greene
Parent/Child Mixer: Samuel Vasquez & Charlie McAden
Pro/Am Doubles: Derrick Duke & Kaito Nishihara
Mixed 7.0 Doubles Blue: Kathy Noble & John Waldner
Mixed 7.0 Doubles Red: JJ Lovelace & Todd Whipple

Davis Cup 2018 Recap

Thank you members and all who participated in the Davis Cup club tournament.

We had some events surrounding the Davis Cup beginning with the player’s party. It was well attended and a great social hour. The players and their spouses enjoyed appetizers and drinks while talking about the matches to come.

Unfortunately most of the weekend was a rainout and all matches were pushed back and players rescheduled to play their matches at their convenience.

Casino night was held this year in the Barn at the clay courts. A delicious dinner was served courtesy of The League at Belterra Village. AUSTIN’S BEST DJ entertained us with 80’s music, everyone’s favorite along with a some favorite Country Songs.
Casino as always is a big success and everyone had a great time learning and playing black Jack and craps

Our charity this year is a scholarship for a student on the tennis team at Dripping Springs High School. A $1000.00 was raised thanks to all of you and will be presented to a lucky senior during senior awards night in the spring.

This year we had several items donated for raffle and a couple of very special baskets put together with donations from USTA 4.0 ladies and USTA 3.0 ladies. The baskets along with 2 embroidered pillows, donated by RE/MAX Gateway and a gift certificate, donated by Tennis Zone were offered at the silent auction table.

A special Thanks to the 4.0 ladies and the 3.0 ladies for donating 2 beautiful baskets. All the ladies on the 2 teams will receive a free clinic with Anders.

The Polo Club is excited to be partnering with Project Connect this Christmas. Project Connect is a local non-profit organization serving the needs of families in the Dripping Springs community. Project Connect works with school counselors, nurses, pastors, and other local organizations to provide resources and support to our neighbors in need.

This Christmas we will have an Angel Tree in our lobby for members & guests. You will have the opportunity to choose an angel and buy a gift(s) for a child that would not otherwise have a gift for Christmas. These families are very special and always so grateful for the gifts they receive for Christmas. They are hard working families that struggle to provide anything beyond the basic needs for their children. Christmas is stressful, and often a sad time for them. You may take 1 angel, or as many as you would like. Each angel will have a name & number on it, along with the child’s age and Christmas wish.

The angel tree will be displayed by December 1st. We ask that you return your gift , UNWRAPPED, in the designated box by the tree, no later than Monday, December 17th. Families often ask for clothing for their children. Gift cards to Target, Old Navy and Walmart are ALWAYS needed. Teens, both boys and girls, always love and appreciate bath and body items, body sprays, lotions, bath bombs, etc.
There will also be a box in the lobby to donate your gently used clothing items, shoes and coats.

We hope you choose to participate in this amazing opportunity!

10 Foods that Pack on Muscle

The big secret for enhancing your ability to build muscles is the right type of food, of course strength training is still a must if you are aiming to create a lean, muscular physique.
Select high quality proteins, fats, and carbohydrates and definitely ditch junk food for better and faster results.
Many healthy foods help you put on lean muscle, but these ten are easily incorporated into any diet.

Some sources of protein can be high in saturated fat, too much of which can cause fat gain and raise your cholesterol levels. Chicken breast and lean turkey are lean sources of protein with minimal saturated fat.
It’s swimming with high quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids, which can decrease muscle-protein breakdown after your workout, improving recovery. To build muscle you need to store new protein faster than your body breaks down the old stuff.
Oatmeal is high in fiber, which makes you feel fuller longer. When training to build muscle, you need to consume about 55 to 60 percent of your calories from carbohydrates to fuel your workouts.
Almonds are one of the best sources of vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, that can help prevent free-radical damage after heavy workouts. The fewer hits taken from free radicals, the faster your muscles will recover from a workout and start growing.
Plain, low-fat yogurt provides your body with the essential bone-building mineral calcium, eating yogurt may help you lean down due to the high content of a specific amino acid called leucine.
The monounsaturated fat in olive oil appears to prevent muscle breakdown by lowering levels of a sinister cellular protein linked with muscle wasting and weakness.
Whey protein powder comes from the liquid leftover during the cheese-making process. This protein source is easily digested and contains all the amino acids you need to help build muscle.
Cottage cheese contains a mixture of whey and casein, the two proteins found in milk. These two proteins help stimulate muscle growth.
Fueling your workout with caffeine will help you work longer, it is believed that caffeine directly stimulates the muscles. Skip it if you have a history of high blood pressure, though.
Eggs are rich in the amino acid tryptophan which helps you get a restful night’s sleep, and also contains about 6 grams of protein each. Adequate rest is essential to muscle growth as it allows your body to repair. Eggs also provide numerous vitamins, minerals and the antioxidant lutein to support eye health.
Gary Shelly,
Polo Club Head Trainer


Pro Shop
9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Monday – Wednesday



In order to succeed as a tennis player, you must learn to play against all types of players with different styles of playing. Ideally, your game plan for every match should allow you to use your strengths as much as possible and expose your opponent’s weaknesses to the full extent.
At the same time, you must protect your own weaknesses while minimizing the damage from your opponent’s strengths.

Tactics of Tennis: The Aggressive Baseliner Mentality
The second playing style is that of the aggressive baseliner. This is the most common style you see on the professional tours today. This player has several big shots, usually the first serve and the forehand.
Their main strategy is to overpower or out hit their opponents. These players are willing to take the risk and go for big shots to hit winners, force errors or short sitters that can easily be put away. The tactics of tennis that this type of player commonly uses are:
Hit big first serves and put away the short return off the bounce.
Hit deep and set up their big inside out forehands.
Rally cross court and pull the trigger by going for a winner down the line.
Aggressively return the second serve, looking to put it away immediately.
Hit sharp angles to open up the court.
Hit passing shots or hard body shots against a net rushing opponent.
Hit drop shots as a surprise tactic.
There are several keys to remember when playing against all types of players

Tactics of Tennis Against an aggressive baseliner:
Get a lot of first serves in.
Try to return the first serve deep.
Keep the ball deep and mix up the spin, trajectory and pace of your shots to keep him or her from developing a rhythm.
Hit short, low angled slices to force him or her off the baseline and hit awkward shots.
Hit drop shots if the player is uncomfortable at net.
Surprise him or her from time to time by coming to the net.
Feed off the pace and create big shots of your own.
Be willing to defend by hitting high, heavy topspin or deep slices to stay in the point.
Analyze what kind of shots make him or her uncomfortable and prone to error and keep hitting those shots to draw even more errors.







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