The Ladies Corner by Dinka

ladies-fall16As we are approaching the start of our fall season, we are very excited for all of our teams. Our ladies have worked very hard this summer and we are looking forward to another great and successful season for our club.

First we want to congratulate our 3.5 USTA team for winning Little State Championships. What an amazing team these ladies are and what a great season it has been for them. They will be competing in State Championships this weekend, so good luck ladies!!

We are also very proud of our 2 WTTA flight 2 teams captioned by Loretta Charlston and Wendy Havorka. Both teams have moved up last season from flight 3 so we are really excited about this years challenge. Our flight 5 and flight 6 are packed with great players this season and we are very excited to welcome back Megan and Barb Tholen to our team, as they will be a great addition to flight 5. Our flight 7 team is captioned by Jennifer Krajecki and is full of new members, so we are very excited for the to get in their first season.

On our USTA front, we will have very strong showing this season with our two 3.0 USTA teams and of course our amazing 3.5 team.